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WCCC Library: Journal Article Assignment

The Haytaian & Maier Library


What To Look For

The articles you need to use must be about a study that has been done.  

The article should include sections that have titles such as:

  • Methods
  • Participants
  • Analysis 
  • Results 
  • Discussion 

Hints for Using the Databases

When you find an article that you want to use, print the article.  If you cannot print the article, then copy the title and as much information as you can about the article because:

  • You cannot just copy the hyperlink because you will not be able to get back to the article
  • You cannot use the email or save features in the databases.  They do not work as intended
  • The only way to find that article again is to search by its full title

You CAN however link your Google Drive account to EBSCO to save the articles to your Google Drive 

WCCC Library PPT Presentation

How to Begin

  • Read through the assignment you are given.  Make sure you understand what the assignment is and if you don't, ask your professor for help.
  • Time to search the databases!  

  • After you have clicked "Search" your first set of results will come up.  
  • Keep in mind that for this assignment, you are looking for an article about a specific study that has been done and is peer-reviewed.  Also, the article has to have been published in the last 5 years. 
  • On the left hand side of the screen (after you have searched), there are three options you need to select under "Limit To"

1. Check the box for "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed)            Journals"

        2. Check the box for "Available in Library Collection"

          (note, this box should ALWAYS be checked when you                          are using the databases!)

        3.  Change the "Publication Date" to a 5 year range