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ENG140 -- English Composition I: Warren County Community College Library

This guide provides information specific to WCCC's ENG140 classes, covering finding information, evaluating information, and using information.

ENG140 Student Learning Outcomes

  • Construct a college-level research paper using the conventions of the writing process, a variety of information sources, and proper MLA documentation.
  • Act ethically and with integrity; demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the boundaries of intellectual property.

The Internet and College Research is Like...

Using the WCCC Library's Databases

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Sometimes your professors will tell you that you need to use PEER-REVIEWED or SCHOLARLY resources.  This means that they want you to use the WCCC Library's Databases. 

To learn how to access and use these databases, click here.  

Citation Resources

For ENG140, you will be using MLA style formatting.  This includes not only how you cite information, but also how you format your papers.  The links below will help you with both!

Information Literacy

What is Information Literacy?


Information literacy is a term that you might not hear much, but it is an integral part of what you do as a college student. 


Much of the definitions used to describe information literacy comes from the American Library Association (ALA) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). 


At WCCC, when we discuss information literacy, we're concerned with how you:

  1. Find information
  2. Evaluate the information found
  3. Use the information in your assignments ethically and legally

Using the Internet for College Research


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Plagiarism is a serious offense at WCCC. 

Click here to learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid it!

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