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MLA 9 Citation Style: Online Government Publication

WCCC Student's Guide to MLA 9

MLA 8 - Online Government Publications

Works Cited List Format

Name of the government, Name of the agency issuing the publication. Title of the Document.  Publisher, date

     of publication, URL. Accessed date.

In-Text Citation Format

(Name of the government Name of Agency p. #*)


* Please note, the in-text citation should be just the number itself and should not include the p., as in the example below.

Works Cited List Example

United States of America, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air and Radiation, Indoor Environments

     Division. A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home.  Environmental Protection Agency,

     2012, Accessed 14

     Dec. 2019.

In-Text Citation Example

(United States Environmental Protection Agency 12)

Warren County Community College
Haytaian & Maier Library
475 Route 57 West
Washington, New Jersey 07882
Text: 908-652-4445