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COM143 -- Speech: Warren County Community College Library

This guide provides information specific to WCCC's COM143 classes, covering finding information, evaluating information, and using information for presentations.

The Internet and College Research is Like...

Information Integrity

Information Integrity

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When presenting information it is important to maintain the integrity of the information.  Information integrity when applied to COM143 involves maintaining the original meaning of the information you are presenting.  In other words, not misrepresenting or manipulating information from a source by changing the meaning of the original information.  


Using the WCCC Library's Databases

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Sometimes your professors will tell you that you need to use PEER-REVIEWED or SCHOLARLY resources.  This means that they want you to use the WCCC Library's Databases. 


To learn how to access and use these databases by viewing this video.


To access the databases click here.

Beware Fake News!

"The problem: Even typically reliable sources, whether mainstream or alternative, corporate or nonprofit, rely on particular media frames to report stories and select stories based on different notions of newsworthiness. The best thing to do in our contemporary media environment is to read/watch/listen widely and often, and to be critical of the sources we share and engage with on social media." 

From Melissa Zimdar's inactive but still helpful "False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical 'News' Sources" website


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For more information about checking for FAKE NEW, click here!


Plagiarism and Citations

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Citing for COM143

For COM143, you will be using MLA style formatting.  This includes not only how you cite information, but also how you format your papers or the outlines of your speeches you have to turn in.  The links below will help you with both!

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