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APA 7 Citation Style: Formatting

Students' guide to APA 7

The Basics

APA  Style has specific formatting requirements for documents.  You should set up your Word document according to these requirements.  Your document should: 

  • have 1 inch margins for the entire paper
  • be double spaced
  • should be in a readable font (usually recommended is either Times New Roman or Ariel) that is a standard size (normally size 12)
  • include an indentation at the beginning of each paragraph
  • only have one space between text and punctuation

  • have a cover page, as formatted in the box below have a "References" page as the last page(s)

The Cover Page

WCCC has specific requirements for an APA cover page.   Your cover page should include:

  • a header that includes the page number on the right and the works "Running head:" followed by the title of your paper in all caps on the left
  • the title of your paper, your name, the institution you are attending centered toward the middle of your paper
  • your instructor's name, class name, and semester and year centered toward the bottom of your paper


This is what it should look like:

Warren County Community College
Haytaian & Maier Library
475 Route 57 West
Washington, New Jersey 07882
Text: 908-652-4445