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MLA 9 Citation Style: Cengage Computer Based

WCCC Student's Guide to MLA 9

General Information about Citing Cengage Textbooks

There will be times, especially in discussion boards, when you will need to cite your Cengage textbooks. These are citations for digital version of the Cengage textbooks. 

Your citation will be different depending on how you are accessing the textbook. 

If you are viewing the textbook on your computer, you will want to use the citations under Cengage Computer Access

However, if you are using your phone or tablet to access your textbook, then you will want to use the citations under the Cengage Mobile tab.

If you are using the print version of the Cengage textbooks, you will cite them as you do a Book.  

Cengage Textbooks

Please note that Cengage Unlimited (as with most of the digital resources at WCCC, including My Warren), does not work properly with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, or Safari web browsers

You need to use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (available for both PCs and Macs).

Important Notes About MLA

The Works Cited list must be on a separate page from the text of your paper (use page break in Word).

Alphabetize all types of sources in one list by the author’s last name or first word of the citation (other than the, a, or an).

Double space the Works Cited page and use a hanging indent for all entries.

If a core element of a Works Cited entry does not exist or cannot be found, omit it. Do not use n.p. (no publisher) or n.d. (no date).

If a DOI (digital object identifier) is available for an electronic source, include it using the prefix and remove the hyperlink.

Include the URL for digital sources, but remove the hyperlink and do not include the http:// part of the URL.

For in-text citations, if an author is not given, use the first item that is listed on your Works Cited entry (e.g. book title, article title, web page title).

For in-text citations, place the parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence(s) where the source is used. Place the sentence’s end punctuation after the final parenthesis.

When citing digital sources, you must include the date you accessed the source in the form of “Accessed day month year” at the end of the citation on the Works Cited page.

Abbreviate most months in Works Cited entries:

Jan.                  July

Feb.                 Aug.

Mar.                 Sept.

Apr.                 Oct.

May                 Nov.

June                 Dec.

When citing page numbers in Works Cited entries, use p. before a single page (p. 46). Use pp. before a page range (pp. 46-54).

When citing page numbers in in-text citations, the in-text citation should be just the page number itself and should not include the p. or pp. before the page number.

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