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MLA 9 Citation Style: Websites

WCCC Student's Guide to MLA 9

Web Site Citations

It is a good idea to keep in mind the difference between a website and a web page.   A website is the entire hosting site and a web page is a single area of the site.   For example, when looking at the American Psychological Association website (, you might find a web page called “Bipolar Disorder" on the site.  

Internet Resources

The Internet

When you use the internet for academic research, you'll need to carefully evaluate the results you find. Remember, you are the one responsible for your own research and if you do not use the correct resources, you could fail an assignment.

When using the internet, you must critically evaluate websites to make sure that they are authoritativeunbiasedcurrent, and accurate before you use them.

(Authoritativepic, 2012)

Also, pay attention to what kind of websites you're looking at.  Just because a website has a .edu or a .org url does not mean it is credible!  You need to evaluate each website individually and not assume anything based on the URL.  

(URL, 2016)



To Trust or Not to Trust

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