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MLA 9 Citation Style: Web Page with No Author’s/Contributor’s Name

WCCC Student's Guide to MLA 9

Website vs. Web Page

It is a good idea to keep in mind the difference between a website and a web page.  A website is the entire hosting site and a web page is a single area of the site.  For example, when looking at the American Psychological Association website (, you might find a web page on the site for bipolar disorder. Please make sure you are using the correct citation!

MLA Citation -- Web Page with No Author’s/Contributor’s Name

Works Cited List Format

“Title of Page.” Title of Site, Publisher, Date, URL. Accessed Date.

In-Text Citation Format

(“Title of Page”)

Works Cited List Example

“A Brief Guide to Slam Poetry.”, Academy of American Poets, 28 May 2004, Accessed 22 Aug. 2021.


In-Text Citation Example

(“A Brief Guide...”)

Is a Web Page Credible?


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