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MLA 9 Citation Style: Journal Article (Online)

WCCC Student's Guide to MLA 9

Online Articles vs. Database Articles

This citation is not for articles you get from the WCCC databases.  This is for journal articles you may get from other online sources, but not the databases.

Please see the tab that says "Databases" for information on how to cite articles from the college's databases.

MLA Citation -- Online Journal Article

Works Cited List Format

Last name of author, First name of author. “Title of the Article.” Title of Journal, Volume number, Issue

     number, Date, Pages (if any), URL. Accessed Date.


In-Text Citation Format 

(Author’s Last Name p.#* (if available))


* Please note, the in-text citation should be just the number itself and should not include the p.

Works Cited  List Example

Volken, Thomas. “Elements of Trust: The Cultural Dimension of Internet Diffusion Revisited.” The Electronic

     Journal of Sociology, vol. 6, no. 4, Oct. 2002,

     Accessed 25 Aug. 2016.

In-Text Citation Example





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