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APA 7 Citation Style: Three or More Authors

Students' guide to APA 7

APA 7 Citation -- Book with Three or More Authors

References List Format

Last name of first author, First and middle initial of first author, Last name of second author, First and

     middle initial of second author, & Last name of third author, First and middle initial of second author.

     (Year of publication). Title of book (edition if any). Publisher.


In-Text Citation Format (Direct Quote)

(First Author’s Last Name et al., Year of publication, p. #)


In-Text Citation Format (Paraphrased or Summarized)

(First Author’s Last Name et al., Year of publication)

References List Example

‚ÄčMommsen, T., Saunders, D.A., & Collins, J.H. (1958). The history of Rome: An account of events and

     persons from the conquest of Carthage to the end of the Republic.  Meridian Books.


In-Text Citation Example (Direct Quote)

(Mommsen et al., 1958, p. 31)


In-Text Citation Example (Paraphrased or Summarized)

(Mommsen et al., 1958)

A Word About Punctuation

The punctuation in your citations does matter.  Make sure you pay attention to where the periods and commas are in the examples. 

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