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APA 7 Citation Style: Web Page

Students' guide to APA 7

APA 7 Citation -- Web Page

References List Format

Last name of author, First and middle initial of author OR Name of organization. (Year

     of publication or last updated or copyright). Title of web page. URL


In-Text Citation Format (Direct Quote)*

(Author’s Last Name, Year of publication/last updated/copyright)


In-Text Citation Format (Paraphrased or Summarized)

(Author’s Last Name, Year of publication/last updated/copyright)

References List Example

James, J. S. (2004, June 25). President Bush on AIDS: More questions than answers.


In-Text Citation Format (Direct Quote)*

(James, 2004)


In-Text Citation Format (Paraphrased or Summarized)

(James, 2004)


*At WCCC, when directly quoting a web page, most professors will not require a page number.  However, outside of WCCC, other colleges might have you cite the paragraph number.  For example: (James, 2004, para 3).

Is a Web Page Credible?


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