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APA 7 Citation Style: E-Book

Students' guide to APA 7

APA 7 Citation -- E-Book

In APA 7, the only difference between how you cite an eBook from a print book is adding the URL at the end of the citation.  The URL used is usually for where the book was access. 

So, if you are citing a book from your Kindle device, which you purchased on Amazon, the url would be 

If you are citing a Cengage textbook, the URL would be  


References List Format

Last name of author, First and middle initial of author. (Year of publication). Title of book (edition if any).


In-Text Citation Format (Direct Quote)

(Author’s Last Name, Year of publication, p. #*)


In-Text Citation Format (Paraphrased or Summarized)

(Author’s Last Name, Year of publication)


*If the page number is not available, you should include either the chapter number or the section number.


References List Example

​Peters, E. (2010). Crocodile on the sandbank. Mysterious Press.


In-Text Citation Example (Direct Quote)

(Peters, 2010, ch. 3)


In-Text Citation Example (Paraphrased or Summarized)

(Peters, 2010)

Quick Note:  If you have more than one author, you would follow the same rules for citing print books.  

A Word About Punctuation

The punctuation in your citations does matter.  Make sure you pay attention to where the periods and commas are in the examples. 

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